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Suntiki is a solar energy company with office in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

We have installed over +3,000 kilowatt peak rooftop solar panels since 2017.

We specialize in rooftop solar panel systems up to 1 megawatt for factory, business, houses in Vietnam.

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Voh radio interview of top rooftop solar energy startup in HCMC 2019.

How to get
rooftop solar panel Vietnam
in 4 simple steps:

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Step 1

Find out rooftop solar potentials. How many solar panels can we install? Invest how much? How much savings?

Dien-nang-luong-mat-troi-solar-energy-engineering design solar panel

Step 2

Adapt design based on owner's requirements and following IEC electrical and structural engineering standards.

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Step 3

Suntiki takes care of everything before, during and after the installation, connection and startup of the solar energy system.

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Step 4

Enjoy clean renewable energy until 2050 and beyond.

Trusted by experts

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What is solar energy cost and how long does it last?

Solar energy price starts from 12,000,000 đ/kwp.


The rooftop solar panel cost depends on 2 factors below. Click to expand and read more…

    Is it a small system for a house (residential) or is it a large system for a factory (commercial)? Solar price depends on how large the system is because inverter machine is expensive for small size and solar panels gets cheaper with higher volume. 

    • Residential: 15 – 20,000,000 đ/kwp. The house size varies from 3 kilowatt peak (kwp) to 20 kwp. So the total price can be as low as 60 million vnd and as high as 400 million vnd.
    • Commercial: 12 – 16,000,000 đ/kwp. The office or factory size starts from 100 kwp upward to 1 megawatt (1000 kwp) being the project limit to what is allowed without seeking Prime Minister project approval.

    Rooftop solar cost also depends on equipment type, brand & installation contractor. 

    • we notice the solar panel cost depends on the solar panel type (mono, poly…), brand and manufacturer country.
    • the cost also depends on inverter manufacturer (technology), the structural mount design and installation contractor.

    Click here for more on solar panel cost …

        Guaranteed renewable energy with 25 year warranty!

        The industry standard is 25 years linear power warranty. Typically with at least 80% at the end of 25th year. This means if your solar panel performs only 50% then you have the right for solar panel compensation.

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        Why choose Suntiki solar?

        + 1500 kWp
        Already installed solar energy projects
        + 25
        year warranty
        top 10
        producers in world. Rec, Sma, Canadian, Sungrow

        Our latest solar energy projects

        150 kilowatt – 380 solar panels – 1,000 m2

        700 kilowatt – 2,700 solar panels – 5,500 m2

        20 kilowatt – 46 solar panels – 2 villas.

        17 kilowatt – 46 solar panels – 1 villa + bifacial solar canopy.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        It is a long term investment, that is true and so we must think carefully if it is worth it.

        However, it helps to know it is one of the few investments that saves us money year after year. What is also true is electricity rates go up year after year. A solar panel investment protects your business from price volatility. Depending on your location and whether you choose to buy or lease your solar system, you can lock in low electricity rates for 20 years or more, and even eliminate 100% of your electricity bill.

        There are still a lot of questions to understand and that is why we do our best to help the house and factory owners understand the pros and cons.

        Reducing long term operating cost such as the electric bill is clear profit strategy. Saving thousands of dollars every year helps your business. Now with solar panel cost so low that the business can get back the investment within a few years and get renewable for over a quarter century.

        But there are also other benefits such as being a leader in using sustainable energy for your business to promote clean and environment friendly company. This helps you attract to attract employees that value sustainable business and customers that want a cleaner environment. Your brand becomes stronger with clean energy.

        Actually, more people and businesses are going solar now than ever before. Vietnam went from no solar energy to become the leading solar investing country in South East Asian nation by 2019 overtaking big solar countries such as Australia. A lot of top corporate brands are investing in solar such as Vincom, Coop mart, Big C, Intel Vietnam, EVN, PetroVietnam and more… Solar energy is the future of Vietnam.

        The longer you wait, the more it will cost your business in terms of operating cost and loss in opportunity. Solar panel prices have reduced significantly over the past 10 years but the prices are now so low it will not go much further. But we do know electricity prices continue to increase.

        Latest: 2020 Jan 01 – Updated every 6 months. Click here to find out more …

        150 MW
        40 MW
        Rooftop Residential
        2000 MW
        Solar Park

        Want to know more about Vietnam solar energy industry?

        Solar power is energy captured from the sun into heat or electricity. Solar energy in Vietnam has great potentials because of abundant solar resources and the renewable energy cost is the cheapest form of electrical power in the world as of 2020. Solar panels are installed on residential rooftop homes, commercial buildings and large solar parks. Renewable energy projects have finally taken off in Vietnam to promote the environment & sustainable living. You can learn more about solar energy in Vietnam here…

        Công Ty TNHH Điện Mặt Trời Suntiki Solar Energy
        MST: 031.442.1947

        Suntiki is a rooftop solar panel company with office in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

        We consult, design and install for house, business and factory owners for rooftop solar energy up to 1 megawatt capacity in  Vietnam.

        • Address: 38 Vườn Chuối, P4, District 3,
          Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
        • Mon-Fri: 09-17.30
          Sat: 09-11.
          Close noon: 11.30 - 14.00