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Frequently Asked Questions

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A solar panel absorbs sunlight and convert to electricity by photovoltaic effect made by crystalline cells. To provide this electricity to your house you also need an inverter machine to convert Direct Current (DC) into home Alternate Current (AC) electricity. This is called an ON-GRID solar energy system. It is the simplest and most efficient system and more than 90% of all solar panel systems are on-grid type.

You are thinking about the round tubular solar heater already common on rooftop in Vietnam that heats up the water and store it until needed.

However, a solar panel produces electricity and powers your aircons, light, kitchen equipment, fans,… it lowers your electricity bill and you can even sell excess solar energy produced to earn money from solar electricity sent out to EVN.

When it rains the solar panel system will produce very little electricity. But dont worry, you will automatically use electricity from the grid and it wont interrupt your electricity service.

Solar power systems are extremely reliable. Solar panels have no moving parts and so it rarely requires any maintenance over 25 years. And it wont disrupt your electricity grid service. Even when you shut solar energy system down, you still have electricity from the grid. The safety and reliability of solar panels are so great that they are used extensively in far out of reach places like satellites in space, telecom stations and in far outpost.

Good quality solar panels will have been extensively tested for their quality by European, German and United States standards (IEC, TUV, UL). Solar panels have already shown to last many decades in these countries. All of the solar panels used in USA and EU are offered in Vietnam.  But buyer should be aware of lesser known solar panel brands that have not invested much in quality checks.

Adding lithium batteries to your system can make you independent of the grid. This means when there is a power outage (grid blackout) then you can still have electricity from your lithium battery and solar panels. This is called a backup system.

But, adding lithium batteries will add on more cost to the system so you have to decide for yourself if you really need it. For example, you live in remote area and there isnt any power supply available.

The industry standard is at least 25 years linear power warranty. Typically with at least 80% at the end of 25th year. This means if your solar panel performs only 50% then you have the right for solar panel compensation.

The technology is getting better and better and we see  some producers are able to offer to 30 years linear power warranty now.

Electric bill savings, support environment, modern business facilities, good long term investment, stronger branding, reduce long term business operating costs, improve your long term cashflows, protect your rooftop from the sun, architectural features such as solar canopy for the terrace.

Reducing long term operating cost such as the electric bill is clear profit strategy. Saving thousands of dollars every year helps your business. Now with solar panel cost so low that the business can get back the investment within a few years and get renewable for over a quarter century.

But there are also other benefits such as being a leader in using sustainable energy for your business to promote clean and environment friendly company. This helps you attract to attract employees that value sustainable business and customers that want a cleaner environment. Your brand becomes stronger with clean energy.

Actually, more people and businesses are going solar now than ever before. Vietnam went from no solar energy to become the leading solar investing country in South East Asian nation by 2019 overtaking big solar countries such as Australia. A lot of top corporate brands are investing in solar such as Vincom, Coop mart, Big C, Intel Vietnam, EVN, PetroVietnam and more… Solar energy is the future of Vietnam.

The longer you wait, the more it will cost your business in terms of operating cost and loss in opportunity. Solar panel prices have reduced significantly over the past 10 years but the prices are now so low it will not go much further. But we do know electricity prices continue to increase.

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