Vietnam 3 solar prices.

our 1-sentence purpose.

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Think of google summary + solar energy expert.

Why use Suntiki?

Because you want independent professional advice in deciding solar.

Explain more:

Solar energy is about engineering, design, solar panel quality, rooftop installation quality & service. Each of us know something of each topic, but a solar engineer combines all together to give good solutions.

  1. If we DIY, it takes a long time to know what solar engineer knows.
  2. If we ask installers, they promote their own services.
  3. If we google it gives us 100 companies, 100 different equipment, 500 websites to read about solar. Too much of a good thing is not good.

So, we provide you 3 solar prices for you to focus on … and you still can google compare.

Suntiki makes solar energy easy.

Dien Mat Troi Palm City Ho Chi Minh City

Free. Online. Simple.

Our mission is to make going solar easy and convenient. Since 2017 Vietnam solar market has boomed and so many businesses and house owners are now looking for ways to reduce their electricity costs and support the environment.

Deciding on solar can be a difficult process because solar panel is a new market in Vietnam. Therefore, what we do is:

  1. You get 3 best solar prices from our network of solar installers in Vietnam.
  2. Our network of pre-screened solar installers will compete to get your project.
  3. But the installers have to meet Suntiki quality.

In this way we can provide you with independent advise on best technology, best practice and best solution for your property. And we contribute to our network of installers. We raise the quality of solar energy installations. And we make solar a competitive market. This benefit the property owner and the solar installer.

How does Suntiki make money?

  • Our consultations are free for companies, business, factory, house owners and investors thinking about going solar.
  • Solar installers in our network pay us a small membership fee.

Do you have installation experience?

Our consultations and solar credentials comes from previous installation experience. We have installed more than 3 MW in Norway and Sweden back in 2015 in accordance with stringent North European standards. Furthermore, we have installed more than 1.5 MW rooftop in Vietnam since 2017. 

Will you always get 3 prices?

We try our best but sometimes its not possible.

Is Suntiki independent?

Yes and no!

  • No independent because we rely on customers using our services, choose our installer network and promote us to their friends and businesses. And our network installer pay us membership fees. And install for our customers to expected quality.  
  • Yes independent because  any installer who make a bad installation: unsafe, bad engineering, low quality, unprofessional, bad service, bad promises, bad consultations. We will not introduce any installers not meeting Suntiki quality. That is also why sometimes, we cannot offer you 3 prices. 

Our success depends on good quality. And we are independent to find that for our customers. 

Founder story:

Kiet Suntiki Solar GEM

Kiet Tran is our founder who in 2009 first visited Vietnam and loved the country so much he stayed in Vung Tau working there.

By 2015 while working in Norway Kiet saw there was great potential for solar in Vietnam and felt the urge to return again.

he made drastic changes to his career then in Oil&Gas EPC project and sales management to go up to rooftop and install solar panels to gain experience. After work hours he would study to become certified solar engineer.

By 2017 when the first Vietnam solar policy was signed he and his partners were thrilled about the solar prospects and opened up an installation company in District 3, HCMC.

From then until 2020 he has installed for customers all over Vietnam. From this experience he realize there is a big gap in the solar installation market in terms of cost, quality, available solar panel brands.

We get customers all the time coming to us saying going solar is very difficult. What solar panel brand is reliable, which installer do a good job, what should I think about? I have so many solar quotes, but how do I compare?

Also, with so many customers coming to us, we have not been able to take on all projects but have asked other solar installers to help install our solar panels equipment.

That gave him
the Eureka moment:

Vietnam 3 Solar Prices.

  1. Make sure rooftop owners get good quality solar energy system (factory, business, house, investors).  
  2. Make sure Suntiki network installers grow their rooftop pv business.
  3. Raise the quality. Lower the cost. Make solar Vietnam.

Some of our installations in the past:

Hoi An Project:

suntiki project hoi an

Palm City District 2:

Trái: cấu trúc nâng cao. Phải: cấu trúc thấp. Windload: 60 m/s. Đế xi măng & zika chống thấm nước

Palm City District 2:


What does Suntiki mean?

We are passionate about solar energy and we want our brand to reflect our history and who we are. We feel that the mask in our logo and name exactly reflect this:

Kon-tiki was an expedition by the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl who in 1947 set sail on an old fashioned raft to prove it was possible to sail from Peru to Polynesia.

It was a daring, entrepreneurial and at the time it was thought completely impossible to do. And yet his team succeeded in their voyage.

We felt we were up against the same set of challenges in taking on solar Vietnam. At that time, in 2015, all industry analysts were going negative about Vietnam’s solar prospects even though there is so much sunlight and need for electricity in Vietnam. Of course now in 2020, we see that Vietnam is all about solar investments. 

During the voyage Kon-tiki stumbled upon the face masks in the Polynesian islands and decided to make it their sails logo.

The mask reflect our upbringing in Sweden, our heritage in Vietnam, our mission to prove an idea that solar is the future of Vietnam, our daring endeavor to take on the challenges that at that time most industry analysts bet against. The mask represents the sun.

Thank you for reading about our story – Kiet, CEO.

Kon-tiki + Sun = Suntiki

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