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3 reasons to go commercial solar energy in Vietnam.

You probably see in the news or have contacts talking about Vietnam solar energy. That is because Vietnam solar revolution has started. In 2019, Vietnam installed more solar than Australia according to a recent report.

Why is this and what are you missing out? I thought solar was expensive?

Firstly, everyone wants to go solar in Vietnam, not just big companies like BigC, CoopMart, Vincom.

If your business has a large rooftop, the question is no longer if solar panel installation is right for your business but the question is what is the best deal for you in the market?

Here are the top 3 reasons to use solar energy for commercial buildings in Vietnam.

1/ Higher ROI, Lower OPEX, Better Cashflow.

Installing solar panels saves you money every day. And the savings increases year after year because Vietnam electricity cost more and more.

You control future electric bill with solar! Better business balance sheet!

It repays itself in less than 5 years! Solar panels costs has fallen more than 70% over the last decade!

Still too long time? Then you are perfect for funding scheme (solar leasing, solar investment, solar loan)! Investors cover your initial cost. You cover them 10-20 years. The roof covers your business electricity +25 years! 

2/ High Reliability, Low Maintenance, +25 Years Warranty!

Solar panels run more than 1/4 century! +25 years!

The solar energy system is quite maintenance free. It doesnt move and doesnt make any noise. It is completely automatic. It even protect your roof and factory from the heat and sun.

PV modules are built to withstand all elements from heat to ice. Photovoltaic cells are sent to space to power satellites day in day out. Less than 10 in a million solar panels per year are sent back for replacement (from a good pv producer).

Dien-mat-troi-solar-energy-25 year warranty solar installation
solar green business

3/ Build a green brand

Investing in commercial solar panels means a commitment to clean energy and it sends a message about your business view on sustainability and environment. When you use solar, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint. It tells your employees what kind of company they work for, and it tells you business clients the kind of partner they have. So going solar not only protects the environment but also build your business brand and make stronger relationships with those around you.

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Funding Options for businesses?

factory solar

There are many investors in Vietnam who want to partner with you to make sure your business is powered by solar. Your rooftop is an asset, and here is an opportunity to turn it into money! We can advise you to get the best deal suitable for your business.

How does it work? You will need to make a minimum upfront investment. The investor will cover the remaining cost. And over time you buy solar electricity at a lower price than EVN cost. Once the payment period is over, you become the owner of system and will receive 100% benefit from it. All the solar energy is yours.

The difficult part isnt in deciding on funding option, but how to find and negotiate the best deal in the market just for you. That is where we come in to consult you.

Once you have found the right funding partner, we will install and take care of everything for you.

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