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How to fix sma solarcoin problem in 3 solar steps!

Participation in the SolarCoin program could not be activated. Error (UnknownError)

solarcoin sma issue
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You have SMA inverter, and you try to register your system to get solarcoin. But it doesnt work and gives you error message. It looks like the above picture:

Participation in the SolarCoin program could not be activated. Error (UnknownError)”

What to do? We give the answer in 3 solar steps here!

Successful Solution:

Solve the problem in 3 solar steps + be patient.

Step 1: make sure all details are filled out in Sma sunny portal.

All the tabs and questions must be filled out in sunny portal. Once complete, see if it is possible to register solarcoin on Sunny portal. If still not possible, go to step 2.

Links to sma sunny portal on different devices and on internet: https://www.sunnyportal.com

how to fix sma solarcoin problem

Step 2: create solarcoin wallet.

Create a SolarCoin Wallet via Coinomi (it is free). https://www.coinomi.com/downloads/

Link to desktop wallet apps:

how to fix sma solarcoin problem solarcoin wallet

Step 3: create solarcoin account.

Create a SolarCoin account in https://claims.solarcoin.org/

Fill in the SolarCoin Wallet “Receive SolarCoin” key.

Example of such key: 8YHNSsVVMj6TMxyaydfyhjejkNJh76yB7

how to fix sma solarcoin problem coinomi

Step 3: Now just wait.

Return to the Sma sunny portal next month and try see if you now can activate the solarcoin on the sunny portal.

What is solarcoin?
Click here to find out!

About Sma solarcoin program:

On March 2019 SMA Solar made SolarCoin available in Sunny Portal so that solar energy system (pv) owners can register and receive 1 SolarCoin (SLR) for every 1MWh produced.

Furthermore, both SMA and SolarCoin say it is “incredibly simple” and “1 click claiming”. Yet a lot of us pv system owners cant get past the Unknown Error that prevents us from claiming the SolarCoin program.

So, to find a solution, please see below.

Also, SMA’s guidelines for SolarCoin registration is here: https://www.sma-sunny.com/en/claiming-your-solarcoins-on-sunny-portal/

  1. I contacted SMA Support on 16 Oct 2019. No replies but it has worked without their reply anyway. https://www.sma-service.com
  2. I also contacted SolarCoin Support on 16 Oct 2019. No replies so far but again, no need.  https://desk.zoho.com/portal/solarcoin/home

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