Solar maintenance vietnam

There are two aspects when it comes to solar maintenance Vietnam.

  1. Firstly: solar panel performance, monitoring and general tips for solar panel rooftop owners. These are general questions about what to think of before and after you become a happy owner.
  2. Secondly: trouble shoot solar problems such as inverter wifi, PE connectivity, RCD tripping and other technical solar maintenance questions for solar DIY enthusiasts and solar installers that need to service the customers.

This section covers these 2 solar maintenance aspects.

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solar maintenance - 2 aspects:

1. Rooftop solar panel owner (residential house & commercial factory or business)

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2/ Rooftop solar panel installer.

clean solar panels installer

1/ Solar panel rooftop owners concerns:

A/ solar panel cleaning is NOT necessary in most cases.

clean solar panels clean me please

“solar panel cleaning is generally not necessary”, according to EnergySage. Nr.1 award winning independent solar cost comparison site in United States. 

After all, solar panels are designed to be outdoor for over 25 years and in general the rain will wash the dirt.

However, it will help in some cases, for examples:

  • You live in a particularly polluted area
  • There are bird droppings, tree leaves or other unusual particles on the solar panels.
  • The solar panels are ground mounted or a very flat rooftop.
  • Or it is the start of a dry season and you want to make sure your solar energy system to perform to maximum.

If you go for cleaning solar panels then your options are:

  • Tips on how to clean solar panels.
  • The cost of hiring solar panel cleaning service in vietnam. What to think of and to expect. (Link TBA)
  • Should you invest in automatic solar panel cleaning system and equipment? (Link TBA)
clean solar panels automatic cleaning

B/ How do I know solar panels are producing as expected?

solar energy app

Simple answer is: your installer has told you how much solar energy to expect from the photovoltaic system.

So, with the solar power system monitoring that shows you in the mobile app, you can see if the solar array is producing as expected. 

The solar enthusiasts go further in asking, what is the basis of solar kwh estimate? If installer did not give us the estimate, what can we do? Or, what if my friend’s solar energy system produces more than my system?

  • For home owners, how many kwh your system produce depends on many factors such as your location, solar panel tilt, azimuth direction, how many and types of solar panels you have. Find out more in Suntiki solar panel system sizing tool for various locations in vietnam. (Link TBA)
  • The above is also true for factory or business owner who invest in large scale system. However, here the contract is also often linked to performance guarantee to a certain minimum annual energy production. The contract usually refer this as Performance Ratio (PR) and is usually determined by softwares such as (for example PVSYST). The principle in the softwares usually have to take into account all the above, but now, the number we get can be contractually reliable to ensure business owner get the expected profit from solar.

C/ How to find out how much solar energy the factory use and how much I save?

Not the easiest to find out in Vietnam due to complex electricity price structure. It involves reading your solar app, reading EVN meter and calculate!

That is why we have developed a Suntiki vietnam solar energy consumption tool to make the calculation for you!

How much solar does the factory use?

2/ Technical questions for solar installers and DIY enthusiasts:

  • What to think of when inspecting the solar energy system?
  • How to move solar panels to a new location.
  • What do I do when installed solar energy system is not working.
  • How to fix the inverter? 3 most typical inverter errors.
    • Wifi issue
    • PE not connected
    • Tripping the RCB leakage protection. Is it dangerous?
  • What are the warranties? Pv, inverters, mount and installer workmanship warranty.
  • I have an existing solar panel system, I want to install more solar panels and integrate existing monitoring system into new system. Is this possible?

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